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Unmatched Key Account Management and Opportunity Planning, Meeting Planning and Execution, Stakeholder Relationship Management and Org Charting Capabilities all within Salesforce.

Key Account Management and Planning

Create proactive, robust and intuitive key account plans to ensure customer success. Provide your teams the defined strategies to drive revenue in existing accounts and nurture potential accounts all within Salesforce.

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Integrate Your Sales Process in Every Opportunity Plan

Ensure teams are following the stated sales process in every opportunity, provide proactive sales coaching in every selling situation, all within Salesforce.

Flawless Meeting Planning and Execution

Plan, Schedule and Execute your critical business meetings. Take meeting notes, identify Stance and Role of meeting attendees, gather 'Actionable Intelligence', schedule tasks all with a single 'Pane of Glass' in Salesforce. Reduce the administrative overhead of updating Salesforce for your team, give them more time to sell.

Manage Stakeholder Relationships

Build robust, interactive org charts that depict the Stance and Role of every stakeholder. Realign in the org chart in real-time, gone are the days of the static org chart.

Why Strategy Mapper

Strategy Mapper ensures your sellers are executing at peak performance in every selling situation, from key account management, opportunity planning, meeting planning and execution by providing them a configurable, robust and intuitive framework within Salesforce.

Use Cases...

The possibilities with Strategy Mapper are endless.

Generate Highly Qualified Opportunities

Use sale intelligence to build and maintain profitable relationships.

Change is Inevitable

Generate Revenue Faster with No Loss in Transition

Sell More To Existing Customer

It's difficult selling more to existing customers if you don't have the right strategy and tool.

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