Change is Inevitable

Generate Revenue Faster with No Loss in Transition

The Problem

  • Do you have account continuity when sales teams change or realign?
  • On-boarding new account members to make plan faster?
  • Are you losing or slipping revenue in account realignment?
  • Do you have confidence you or another team member can close a deal if the AE or SE quit?

Solution: Strategy Mapper Sales Planning and Execution Framework
Strategy Mapper allows you to:
Leverage Sales Intelligence gather to a faster on-board of new team members to make plan faster.

  • Customer Pain Points
  • Customer Objections
  • Customer Obstacles
  • Your Strengths
  • Your Weaknesses
  • Competitors
    • Strengths
    • Weakness
    • On-going Customer Initiatives
  • Reduce by 90% losing or slipping opportunities when a team member quits.
  • Have the exact information on Accounts and Opportunities as the AE or SE had all in Salesforce.


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