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Sample Buyer Personas

Jane, is the Director of Sales Enablement for a technology company. Jane is tasked to implement a solution which will allow the sales teams, both inside and field to gather and share information and data from their customer meetings. The solution must be up and running in 1 week. The solution must:

  1. Be 100% native Salesforce.
  2. No pre-customization or configuration of Salesforce required.
  3. Must support standard Salesforce Objects (Accounts, Campaigns, Cases, Contacts, Leads and Opportunities).
  4. Information and data gathered in meetings with leads must be available when the lead is converted into an Account.
  5. Solution must adhere to stated sales methodology.
  6. Must be easy to use and configured based on meeting goal and objectives.

After reviewing several solutions, Jane selects Strategy Mapper. Strategy Mapper is 100% native Salesforce, which requires no pre-configuration of Salesforce to install. Strategy Mapper is up and running the same day she installed it. Strategy Mapper supports all the standard Salesforce objects and meeting linked to leads will carry over when the lead is converted into an Account. Strategy Mapper is easy to use and is configured using Meeting Templates, this ensures it is easy to use and adheres to stated sales methodology.

Scot, is the Director of Sales for a software company. Scot manages 15 sales people in his organization, and one of his biggest challenges is that each of them approaches the sales process differently. With different information coming in from each sales person, this makes forecasting his business very difficult. Scot puts Meeting Mapper in place across his sales team to:

  1. Build a consistent approach to conducting meetings, a major part of the sales process.
  2. Get consistent information from each sales person in their account reviews.
  3. Coach sales people on qualifying quickly, getting to the right people and driving each interaction to have a purpose.

Margaret, is the Vice President of Sales for a pharmaceutical company. The company has been doing well, and Margaret has continued to grow her worldwide sales team. One of her biggest challenges comes as a result of that growth. Every time she adds new people, or someone quits, it is a chore to re-align territories, and/or re-assign accounts to different sales people. What should be a positive growth experience becomes something that Margaret dreads every quarter. Margaret deploys Meeting Mapper to make “change” a competitive tool, not a misery. She knows that the account information stored in Meeting Mapper provides all the history, up to date action items, stances of the stakeholders, etc., necessary for the new sales team to pick it up and run with it with no hiccups. Now she feels great about making strategic changes because she knows that no balls will get dropped with her prospect accounts.

Mark, is a Project Manager of a very large construction company. They are currently in the process of bringing in vendors as part of a RFP process. Mark is tasked to gather all the responses and schedule meetings with all the selected vendors. A new strategy in Mark’s company is to track all RFP/RIFs in Salesforce, they believe this will add to the cost justification of Salesforce and allow more of the company to share lessons learned and provide a central repository for the information and data gathered in meetings. Mark has decided to use Meeting Mapper to accomplish his goal and objectives. He knows Meeting Mapper is 100% native Salesforce and all the information and data gathered can be accessed by anyone in the organization. Mark can also schedule and send meeting invites to all the meeting attendees all within Salesforce. Using Meeting Mapper’s powerful yet easy to use interface, he along with his team members can easily fully document every vendor meeting. He can also color-code his team members in every vendor meeting For, Against and so on. Mark can create any Next Step or Action Items and assign to team members. He feel very confident he and his team will select the best vendor, because the selection process adheres stated selection methodology. Meeting Mapper has made it easy for Mark to move the selection process along to ensure timelines are met.


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Operationalize Your Sales Strategy and Processes

Your task is to create a new sales strategy and the sales process to support it. To accomplish this task, you have spent countless hours,…

Use Cases

Key Account Planning Within Salesforce
Solution – Strategy Mapper

Maximizing Revenue in Existing Customer ‘White Space’ Selling
Solution – Strategy Mapper

Building and Maintaining an Accounts Organizational Char
Solution – Strategy Mapper

Generate Revenue Faster with No Loss in Transition
Solution – New hires will hit the ground running with rich up-to-date information on the accounts they are taking over and using a system that guides them through your prescriptive sales model. Transitioned accounts will not miss a beat between sales teams when you re-align territories or make changes to your account distribution. Change is inevitable. You change your territory assignments. You change your vertical alignments. You change your sales model. People quit. Your biggest fear of making decisions to change is disruption to your pipeline. With Strategy Mapper, change becomes a powerful tool with the assurance that the accounts and opportunities in your pipeline are extremely well documented and easily transitioned.

Sales Teams Adhering to Company Sales Methodology

Solution – Strategy Mapper allows you to require the sales teams to justify the ‘For’ Stance and/or assign the ‘Champion’ role to a meeting attendee. Gone are the days of ‘Happy Ears’ and no justification around determining the influential role of Champion. Leverage your sales methodology in every meeting!


Streamline Your Opportunity Qualification While Reducing Cost of Sales

Solution – With deep knowledge of each player, their role and their stance in the opportunity, sales management will have the tools to know if the sales person is in the right opportunity and talking to the right people. With this Actionable Intelligence sales management has the information necessary to eliminate wasted time on accounts that will never close.


Build a Scalable, Repeatable Sales Model

Solution – With Strategy Mapper, you are not just entering information into a system. You are putting in place a consistent process for conducting meetings and driving your prescriptive sales model.  It acts as both a guide and a tool for salespeople to stay on course, get the most out of their prospect interactions, and drive them through the sales process.


Optimize Your Investment in

Solution – With its inherent collaboration features and its ability to feed with rich contact, account and opportunity information, you will make deliver value far beyond its CRM capabilities.


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