Frequently Asked Questions

Common Questions about Strategy Mapper

Strategy Mapper Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What can be customized in Strategy Mapper

Answer: The short answer is everything you want or require to map it to your current or future sales methodology and processes. Here is a list of what can be customized and viewed in Strategy Mapper to adapt to your sales and project methodology. Customization of Strategy Mapper is fully documented in the Administrator Guide.
Meeting Mapper
Meeting Templates Meeting Insights Meeting Prerequisites Executive Sponsors Conference Type Meeting Follow Up(s) Meeting Type Justification for the ‘For’ Stance Justification for the ‘Against’ Stance Justification for Champion Role Roles Level of Participation (meeting attendees) Actionable Intelligence

Account Mapper

Account Mapper Templates Checklist Customer Buy Process Customer Initiatives Account Milestones Red Flags Notes Account Timeline Support Cases (Using Service Cloud) Financial Charts Competitors Meetings (using Meeting Mapper) Custom Objects

Opportunity Mapper

Opportunity Mapper Templates Customer Selection Process Red Flags Opportunity Milestones Opportunity Timeline Account Mapper Templates Sale Coaching Customer Requirements Notes Account Team Customer Team Support Cases (Using Service Cloud) Custom Objects

Question: Do I have to display all of the information in an Account and/or Opportunity plan?

Answer: No, Strategy Mapper allow you to decide what buttons and tabs (information) to display based on your sale process, sales methodology or your deployment plan.

Question: I’m in a highly regulated industry, where is all the data Strategy Mapper gathers stored?

Answer: Strategy Mapper is 100% Native Salesforce, all the information and data you gather is stored in Salesforce. Meeting Mapper Mobile (iPad) meeting information is stored on the device.

Question: Do I need Professional Services to get Strategy Mapper installed, configured and setup based on my requirements?

Answer: No, Point N Time Software team will support your organization in the installation, setup and configuration. We also, provide 8 hours of free training to you and your team.

Question: What if the Rep does not like us use his/her iPad or Laptop in a meeting?

Answer: This is a great question, which I get ask a lot. Here is what I do, I will create (schedule, add attendees, invite, etc.) my meeting before hand in Once I have done this I will print out the Private Export and use it to take notes on. This will ensure I capture the Stance, Role and all the other information I need to get the ‘Actionable Intelligence from the meeting. Once I get back to my office, I enter in the information from my notes right into the meeting page in This way I just enter in the meeting page and it feeds the entire ecosystem.

Question: Who needs a Strategy Mapper for license?

Answer: Meeting Mapper for licensing is required for anyone creating, modifying or wanting to view the meeting page. Licensing is not required to view any reports or dashboards generated with Sales Forensics gathered in meetings. For example if you have 200 user, but only 100 who will utilize the application you only need to purchase 100 licenses.

Question: What object in can I link a meeting to?

Answer: You can link a meeting to an Account, Case, Contact, Campaign, Opportunity or Lead.

Question: What do I need to do to my org before installing Strategy Mapper?

Answer: Nothing, the only requirement is you must be an administrator to install.

Question: Does Chatter have to be installed?

Answer: No, it does not however, the ability to attach files and such is not possible. In the event, you enable Chatter in the future Strategy Mapper will automatically take advantage of the technology.

Question: Can the Meeting section in Opportunity be configured for my business?

Answer: Yes there are certain fields which can be remove or added to the meeting section in Accounts, Account and Contacts. All page edits are completed from the App Setup, Customize. Then select what you want to edit, for Opportunity select Opportunity.

Question: Can I set up a meeting before hand?

Answer: Yes, it is recommended you complete as much of the setup of the meeting before hand.

Best Practice: Complete the meeting setup, enter in any questions in the Notes section. Once you click save, in the meeting window add attendees and change the table type.

Question: Can I delete a meeting from the Meetings tab?

Answer: Yes

Question: I saved my meeting but I don’t see the meeting notes in Notes and Attachments in Opportunities or Accounts why?

Answer: Meeting notes will only show up in Notes and Attachments once the Completed check box is checked in the meeting.

Question: How many meeting attendees can be added to a meeting?

Answer: In Strategy Mapper there is no limit other then the amount of space in the window. Meeting Mapper for iPad has a 12 attendee limit.

Question: How is the Chatter Group created for a meeting?

Answer: The Chatter Group (Dynamic Chatter Group) is created for each meeting. The members of the Chatter Group are dynamically added when a company contact (team members) is added to the meeting. No Account contacts are added to the Chatter Group.

Question: Can I add team members not included in the meeting to the Chatter group?

Answer: No, if you want to add them to the Chatter Group you must add them to the meeting. You can place their icon off the table to show they are not participating in the meeting.

Question: I noticed if I make edits to the meeting and leave the screen my edits are gone, why?

Answer: Currently there is no auto save, by leaving the meeting screen it behaves like a web page and edits are not saved. In the next version of Strategy Mapper an auto save feature will be added.

Best Practice: After making edits always save the meeting. This will ensure your edits are saved. Save and save often.