Use customer insights to build and maintain profitable relationships.

Knowledge Driven Marketing

Populate Marketing Automation Activities in Pardot with PardotLinks, Leverage Customer Insights Gathered in Customer Meetings to Nurture, Convert and Win!

You hear it all the time from sales, marketing is not providing me with enough quality leads. From marketing you hear, sales is not giving me any information so we can target prospects or build relevant material to send them. It’s a vicious cycle, break the cycle with PardotLinks. PardotLinks is fully integrated with Pardot, to feed lead and contact nurturing campaigns.

Pardot + Strategy Mapper = Knowledge Driven Marketing

Stop using the shotgun approach to marketing. Become laser focused by targeting your marketing based on customer intelligence.

PardotLinks Bring Value to Both Account and Marketing Teams.

Account Teams

  • Easily populates marketing activities by having meetings with customers
  • Ensures leads and contacts are placed in the correct marketing automation activities in Pardot
  • Gives them greater control of identifying contacts and leads to target
  • Ensures their prospects and accounts are targeted with the relevant marketing material
  • Work seamlessly with marketing to build sales pipeline
  • Leverage customer intelligence from other account teams across the entire organization

Marketing Teams

  • Ensures their automated marketing activities are populated with qualified leads and contacts
  • Target leads and contacts based on Pain Points, Initiatives or your Strengths
  • Allows them to concentrate on content to nurture leads and contacts
  • Maximizes investment in Pardot

Populate Pardot Marketing Automation Activities in 3 Steps

  1. Create a campaign, segmentation list and automation rule in Pardot
  2. Create your PardotLink in Strategy Mapper
  3. Have customer meetings and identify Sales Intelligence
PardotLinks Marketing Automation