Sell More To Existing Customer

It’s difficult selling more to existing customers if you don’t have the right strategy and tool.

The Problem

  • How do you reduce your cost of sales but increase revenue?
  • Are you growing revenue in existing customers revenue?
  • Can can you easily track and manage white-space and discuss number of, revenue potential, products and time-frame?

Solution: Strategy Mapper Sales Planning and Execution Framework
Strategy Mapper allows you to:

  • Improve your ability to uncover ‘Customer Initiatives’ as part of your over all account plan.
  • Allows you to take over growing your pipeline in existing customers and reducing the cost of those sales by 30%.
  • Align products or solutions to ‘Customer Initiatives’, potential revenue and customer time-frame.
  • Improve the deal closure rate by identifying products or solutions meeting customer pain points and requirements.
  • Improve the sales cycle time by identifying the ‘Customer Initiatives’ pre-pipeline opportunities.
  • Route ‘Customer Initiatives’ to the right team member to follow-up on and continue the sales cycle.
  • Leverage ‘Customer Initiatives’ in marketing activities to nurture leads, contacts and accounts.
  • Track ‘Customer Initiatives’ that convert into opportunities and the success rate of those opportunities.


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