Keep and Grow Key Accounts

Strategy Mapper helps Account Managers build and maintain strong relationships with their customers that drive revenue and success.

Map Key Stakeholders Relationships

Focus on the relationships that are driving 80% of your revenue. Strategy Mapper ensures you are working and focusing on those key stakeholders in your key accounts.

Be Proactive not Reactive in Your Key Accounts

Proactively managing your key accounts is key to success in those key accounts. Build robust Account Plans and Action Plans based on the Actionable Intelligence gathered from your key accounts.

Uncover White Space Selling Opportunities

A major factor in growing key accounts is to identify and track White Space Selling. With Strategy Mapper you can identify and track pre-pipeline revenue to determine the best approach to winning.

Proactively Manage Key Accounts in Salesforce

Be notified when action is required in your key accounts to build and maintain successful relationship within Salesforce.

Quickly Identify Accounts Needing Action

Identifying key accounts requiring action is simple with Strategy Mapper, all accounts are scored based on what is required, been completed and not completed. Never be caught off guard again!

Understand Your Customers Long and Short Term Goals

Understanding your customers long and short term goals allows you to map them to your products or solutions, becoming a trusted advisor not just another sales person.

Know the Red Flags in Every Key Account

Knowing the Red Flags are critical in Key Accounts but that's not enough. You have to create mitigation plans for each and every one. This is all part of the proactive managements of key account management with Strategy Mapper.

Identify and Track Key Milestones

Milestones are critical in key accounts, knowing when to schedule an executive briefing, road-map discussion, health-check and many more.  Strategy Mapper allows you to create milestones, assign and track them all within Salesforce.


Strategy Mapper provides the most robust Key Account Management solution for Salesforce users. You will become a trusted advisor because you're solving their business objectives.


What are our clients are saying about us?

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Donna Wadleigh Director, Sales Operation – YourEncore

“Keeping Us on Track”

"We have been using Strategy Mapper for about 6 months and the insight to various Accounts is helping us stay on track and grow key accounts. The 6 and 12 Month Plans in Account Mapper help our teams stay on track while Milestones gives us a great way to manage activities and tasks. The Org Map is a great visual tool that allows us to see our clients organizational structure as well. The real-time information from Salesforce provides an easy and effective way to manage all aspects of each account.”

Dan McGrann Director Strategic Accounts – Revelation Software Concepts

Great Results!

"We've been using Strategy Mapper for our global sales organization for about a year now and it's been a great experience. It gives us a structured, standardized method to manage our multi-stage sales opportunities and simplifies the process for both our sales team and sales management. We've already seen outstanding results in our sales pipeline tracking and closing ratio."


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