Highly Qualified Opportunities

Use sale intelligence to build and maintain profitable relationships.

The Problem

  • Do you leverage sales intelligence to generate highly qualified opportunities?
  • Are sales and marketing seamlessly aligned?
  • Can your teams leverage data gathered in customer meetings to build pipeline?

Solution: Strategy Mapper Sales Planning and Execution Framework
Strategy Mapper allows you to:

Account Teams

  • Easily populates marketing activities by having meetings with customers.
  • Ensures leads and contacts are placed in the correct marketing automation activities in Pardot
  • Gives them greater control of identifying contacts and leads to target
  • Ensures their prospects and accounts are targeted with the relevant marketing material
  • Work seamlessly with marketing to build sales pipeline
  • Leverage customer intelligence from other account teams across the entire organization

Marketing Teams

  • Ensures their automated marketing activities are populated with qualified leads and contacts
  • Target leads and contacts based on Pain Points, Initiatives or your Strengths
  • Allows them to concentrate on content to nurture leads and contacts
  • Maximizes investment in Pardot


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