Change is inevitable, I was talking to a good friend of mine the other day, he was telling me one of his SE’s was not going to have a great year because he lost his rep midway through the year. Even though they hired a new rep fairly quick, it took him some time to ramp up and put his arms around the accounts and opportunities. I hate to say this happens all the time, most of the time because there is a lack of information in Salesforce.

It doesn’t have to be this way, you can change it.

You can have your new hires hit the ground running with rich up-to-date information on the accounts they are taking over and using a system that guides them through your prescriptive sales model. Transitioned accounts will not miss a beat between sales teams when you re-align territories or make changes to your account distribution. Change is inevitable. You change your territory assignments. You change your vertical alignments. You change your sales model. People quit.

To ensure no loss of revenue or momentum in accounts or opportunities here is what you need in Salesforce at a minimum.

  • Who are the players, their role(s) and stance (For, Against, etc.)
    • Notes from past meetings (public and internal)
    • Scheduled tasks and activities (who are they assigned to)
  • Up-to-date Account and Opportunity plans
    • Checklist – what has been completed and open
    • Customer Buying and Selection Process
      • Who at the customer is responsible for each process
    • Red Flags
      • Mitigation plan for each one
    • Identified (White Space/Green Field) up-sell and cross-sell
      • Potential revenue amount
      • Customer Time-frame
      • Product/Solution
      • Who at the customer is responsible
    • Milestones – Open and completed
      • Who in our team is responsible for each one
      • When are they due
      • Any over due
  • Sales intelligence
    • Competitors – Strengths and Weaknesses
    • Objections – Plan to Remove
    • Obstacles – Plan to Mitigate
    • Your Strengths
    • Your Weaknesses – Plan to Overcome

Your biggest fear of making decisions to change is disruption to your pipeline. With Strategy Mapper, change becomes a powerful tool with the assurance that the accounts and opportunities in your pipeline are extremely well documented and easily transitioned. With no loss of revenue or momentum in accounts or opportunities.

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