Protect Your Revenue

Don’t Let it Leave When Reps Quit

Can you look in Salesforce right now and answer these very basic questions for the Accounts and open Opportunities?

  • What is the overall account strategy?
  • What is the customer’s buying and selection process?
  • Are there any ‘Red Flags’ that can cause the opportunity not to close? If so, what is the mitigation plan for each?
  • How do your products or solution match up with customer requirements?
  • What are there initiatives (how can you build your pipeline)?
  • What milestones have been completed in the opportunity?
  • When was the last meaningful contact in the account?
  • Are there any meetings scheduled?
  • What has been discussed in the meetings?
  • What was agreed upon?
  • Who is the Decision Maker(s) and were they For (why are they For), Against (why are they Against) or Undecided?
  • Who is our Champion and why?
  • What has been the Role and Stance of everyone in the opportunity?
  • What has been the level of Participation of the meeting attendees?
  • Are there any Next Steps or Action Items assigned and to who?