Meeting Mapper Provides a Return on Investment

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8 Best Apps to Make Your Small Business More Productive

Meeting Mapper is for the company appointed note taker, who is not so great at taking notes. Meeting Mapper basically outlines everyone involved in your client or business meetings. Along with adding photos, a drawing board, flyout notes and an intuitive user interface. It is one of the few apps that has been proven to provide a return on investment for businesses.

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The following apps were selected as both marine specific and general resources that will help you in management, sales and overall productivity. Click the operating system your tablet uses for more information on the app or to download.

Boading Industry

Using a user-friendly interface, Meeting Mapper allows you to literally map your meetings by identifying the information you need to ensure its success, including documenting the role and opinion of each participant and identifying any action items or next steps, which it will automatically schedule.


10 Mobile Apps 2013 to take your business to the next level

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2013 is here, and every business owner using mobile apps are looking for ways on how to make them more productive investment. Neither is new, or new features, refer to the following 10 mobile apps, and you can take full advantage of them, and this year you can discover your business more productive.

Mapper mapper helotech24

This simple and very successful at meeting the information you need to up the gathering and mapping that creates an elegant and intuitive application for iPads. All the attendants of the meeting and the meeting of the mapper to determine the location of the meeting and the actions of simple steps to create jobs and automatically follow a simple set-up.

5 Mobile Apps for Learning More About Your Customers

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This iPad app helps you record the behavior of everyone in the room at business meetings with color-coded keys — just touch a button to record your interpretation of a participant’s mood. By tracking people’s attitudes and engagements in real-time, you’ll get a better perspective on how close you are to closing a sale. Information such as attendees and next steps can be sent to others via email, and you can share data on all the business intelligence you’ve gathered with a core group of collaborators.

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Neorain Reviews Top Mobile Apps for Productivity

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Everyone hates unproductive meetings. Worse, they suck up your productivity, especially for a small business where you may have half or even all of your employees in a room at once wasting time. Meeting Mapper helps you plan meetings and record outcomes quickly and efficiently so you can make those meetings faster, and dynamically link together chains of meetings so you can create a progressive, productive meeting workflow.

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