You’re Quitting?

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What happens when in the middle of an opportunity the Account Executive quits?

Here are your options:

  1. All the opportunity information leaves with the Account Executive.
  2. The competition fills the void.
  3. You push (remove from your forecast) the opportunity.
  4. You lose the opportunity.

The continuity of the sales cycle has to be independent of the Account Executive. When an Account Executive leaves your company, you have to maintain the momentum in the account to win the deal. All the meetings and interactions have to be documented in your CRM. When the new Account Executive takes over the opportunity, he or she has to know all the player’s Role(s), Stance and detailed meeting notes (actionable data). If the actionable data is not in your CRM it is like starting the opportunity from the beginning. This is a critical time when your competition can come in and take the opportunity right out of your hands. It happens everyday, it’s happened to you, and it’s happened to me! How do we reduce the risk of this happening again? The only option is to use Meeting Mapper Fierce.

Imagine this scenario: The new Account Executive is in his or her first meeting since taking over the opportunity. He or she knows all the players, the roles they play (Economic Buyer, Champion, Decision Makers, Etc.), the stance (For, Against, etc.), and detailed notes and information (actionable data) gathered over the entire life cycle of the opportunity. Just think of the customer’s reaction when the new Account Executive does not have to ask the same questions, but instead hit the ground running. It is not a first meeting; it is the continuation of the sales process.

By using Meeting Mapper Fierce, all this information is gathered from a single interface in Salesforce. All your meetings and interactions are captured in Salesforce and automatically populated in Salesforce ecosystem (Accounts, Opportunities, Cases, Contacts and Campaigns). All the new Account Executive has to do is take 30 minutes to review the meetings to understand the landscape of the opportunity to close and win the deal.

By using Meeting Mapper Fierce, the outcome is completely different.

  1. All the opportunity information does not leave with the Account Executive. The actionable data is stored in Salesforce.
  2. The competition cannot fill a void if there is not one. The sales cycle did not lose any momentum.
  3. You don’t have to push (remove from your forecast) the opportunity. The actionable data is stored in Salesforce to accurately forecast and win the opportunity.
  4. You don’t lose the opportunity. Your likelihood of wining is the same, because no momentum was lost to give your competitors an opportunity to take and win the deal.

Stop losing or pushing revenue.

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