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Have Better Sales Meetings – Data Driven Conversations

It’s a fact in today’s B2B sales environment customers are doing far more research and due diligence than ever before, meaning your customers and prospects are very prepared when they meet with you. You can bet you’re in the top 3 by the time you meet with them. So, it’s critical you are completely prepared and make a great first impression. You have to stand out in the crowd. The time when just reviewing a customer’s web site is gone. You can’t wing it anymore.

You and your teams must be prepared. The questions become, how do you and your teams prepare for meetings? What type of data are you and your sales teams armed with when meeting with customers or prospects? Is the data relevant, is it based on conversations gathered in previous meetings and from other account teams.

Benefits of Data Driven Conversations

Some of the key benefits of data drive conversations are:

  • Teams are better prepared
  • New team members come up to speed faster allowing them to hit revenue targets faster
  • Out maneuver the competition
  • More engaging and lasered focused conversations
  • More listening less talking
  • Better and more predictable outcomes
  • Overall reduction on the number of meetings (more time to sell)