Every Customer Conversation Matters and Meeting Mapper is at the Heart of Each and Every One

Gather Customer Intelligence and Close More Business

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Meeting Mapper™ – Provides your sales teams a single data-entry interface for maintaining the information you need in Salesforce.  With Meeting Mapper everyone in the organization can easily work as a team to execute the strategic and tactical plans that will easily gather and store the “Customer Intelligence” needed to close deals as quickly and efficiently as possible.

  • Easy, Effective and Efficient meeting management
  • Plan and Schedule Your Meetings 100% Native in Salesforce
  • Flawlessly execute your meetings, gather Customer Intelligence at the core of the sales cycle - the sales meeting
  • Store all critical meeting information in Salesforce
  • Leverage customer intelligence to update Account and Opportunity Plans
  • Easy-to-use interface that quickly captures over 75 structured data points per meeting
  • Builds real-time org maps during meetings
  • Maps to your sales process and methodology

Easy Meeting Planning and Scheduling

Plan and Schedule Your Meetings in Salesforce.com

Strategic Account Management

Conduct Your Meeting

Gather Rich Powerful Actionable Sales Intelligence to Win

Follow Up Your Meetings

Create Salesforce Events and Tasks in the Meeting

Update Salesforce.com Data in Real-time

Reduce User's Administrative Overhead of Salesforce.com