symplifiedThe Problem:

Symplified is a leader in Identity-as-a-Service for the hybrid cloud. The company simplifies user access to applications, provides visibility and control over usage, and helps meet security and compliance requirements. With operations in Silicon Valley, the northeastern and midwestern United States, the United Kingdom and Europe, the Middle East and Africa, Symplified is headquartered in Boulder, Colorado.

Symplified’s sales team – comprised of four reps in the field, four inside and one lead generation – uses the enterprise version of (SFDC), but during meetings, was required to take notes on paper and then add to the SFDC record. This time-consuming task often became the last to be completed, and when it was, only included notes with few details. In 2012, the company decided it needed to standardize and improve its sales meetings, as well as how the data from those meetings is collected, stored in and then applied to drive sales and increase revenue. After researching several options, Meeting Mapper from Point N Time Software proved to be the best solution.

The Solution:

Point N Time Software provides robust and relevant mobile and cloud solutions to help partners drive revenue, increase sales, improve team performance and grow their business. Meeting Mapper turns meetings into revenue by defining the decision makers by role and stance during important meetings, then imports critical roles, stance, notes and activities into when a wireless Internet connection is available. This helps users formulate succinct plans for the next meeting in an attractive graphical display.

Symplified’s sales team uses Meeting Mapper with the enterprise version of Symplified begins using Meeting Mapper in the pre-call planning session to document who will be in the meeting, what their roles are and what their stance in the meeting is. The team then outlines the specific objectives and goals for the meeting, defines the roles of the sales team with call to action items, and collaborates with Chatter during the meeting.

“We then input and shared the data amongst the sales team, debrief and even add comments and assign action items to the appropriate member of our team,” said Brian D Dohney, senior vice president of worldwide field operations, Symplified.  “In addition, from a leadership level, it allows me to review the reports to see that we are always covering the needed steps in the meeting to continue to advance the sales process.”


dohneyAccording to Dohney, Meeting Mapper is an “excellent tool” that is customizable, scales extremely well in the enterprise, and most importantly, easy to use so adoption has been exceptional.  In fact, the company has seen a “dramatic reduction in time savings” for raw data input. “The best feature is the ability to conduct the meeting, and in real time, input all the necessary data points covered during the meeting in one page,” Dohney said.

“Meeting Mapper has made our whole sales organization a more effective team,” he concluded. “Our reps are getting a much tighter sense of roles and responsibilities from prospects and customers, our executive mapping into deals is spot on and the mobile sync significantly cuts down the administrative component of data entry into SFDC.”