The Easiest and Fastest Salesforce Integration on the Planet, no Solar System, no the Universe!

Your sales force becomes mobile with Meeting Mapper. Update Salesforce at Anytime from Anyplace in 19 Seconds! Using Salesforce1 or Meeting Mapper Mobile.

Update Salesforce with Meeting Information
  • 100% Mobile document your meetings with no connectivity.
  • Sync meetings into Salesforce in seconds when you have connectivity.
  • Leverage your Salesforce Contacts, add them to meetings.
  • Update Standard Objects in Salesforce (Activity History).
  • Add new contacts in Salesforce via Meeting Mapper Mobile, place them in the correct Account.
  • Meeting Mapper also ensures your teams are leveraging your Sales Methodology in every meeting.
Increase Productivity Reduce Salesforce Administrative Tasks
  • Update Activity History in Seconds.
  • Spend more time selling less time in Salesforce.
  • Store all your meetings locally till you have a connection, don’t lose valuable ‘Actionable Intelligence’.
  • Sync all your meeting information in a single page in Salesforce and populate the entire ecosystem.
  • Reduces the administrative overhead of Salesforce by at least 50%.
No Configuration Required!
  • Requires Strategy Mapper.
  • No setup on your iPad required – All you need is your Salesforce login information.
  • Salesforce integration is free.


Customer Testimonial

I'm a visual sales guy and Meeting Mapper has given me a tool directly in that allows me to map a meeting. This means I can visually see all the key players I'm selling too and their Role and Stance. This helps me during the call but also remembering how I need to adjust my strategy to ensure that I get all they key players on board. Meeting Mapper also has and offline iPad app so I can map meetings while disconnected and it should sync with soon. This app is cool. Thanks guys.

Steve Snapp