I have always tried to take good notes and remember names during meetings, but after the first few minutes I’m distracted by everything going on around me, and by the end of the discussion I don’t have very good notes or remember everyone’s name, role or stance on the subject.

So I decided to try something new.

One day, I was attending a meeting and arranged everyone’s business cards in front of me according to how they were seated at the table. I also color-coded the cards Green if they were “For”, and Red if they were “Against”.

It worked! I was walked out of that meeting knowing every attendee’s name, role within the company, and stance on the issue.

“This could be an app”, I thought.

Meeting Mapper lets sales teams, project managers, and all other meeting attendees collect the necessary information while still allowing them to be engaged in the discussion. It’s visual, intuitive, and easy to use.